Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia


Inspired by vines, driftwood and naturally curved and carved shapes found along NSW beaches, rivers, and mountains, Kiredor creates scenes that allow the eye to go on a journey.  It’s a journey of colour and contrast made up of smooth curves blending naturally with the gnarled yet fresh stylisation of trees, galaxies and woodland creatures.


Kiredor has been living between Sydney’s Blue Mountains, Inner West, and the bushy northern suburb of Berowra most of his life, spending significant time in NSW’s Northern Rivers area as well as Western Australia’s port city of Fremantle. He draws on the phenomenal diversity of Australia’s (particularly the Blue Mountains) forests and the giant Moreton Bay figs that line the parklands of inner Sydney as well as the surrounding bushlands of the East Coast as inspiration for his imagination, mystery and magic.


Drawing artistic inspiration from the heavily stylised curves and two-dimensional displays of the Art Nouveau era and 18th century poster art Kiredor draws attention to a recurring theme of human consciousness merging with nature, represented through a colourful, Alice in Wonderlandesk, world of both imagination and real life objects.



Kiredor works as a wildlife artist, graphic designer, sculptor and illustrator and uses a variety of mediums such as recycled timber, ceramics, acrylic paints, oil paint,

digital technology as well as the humble pen and pencil.


Kiredor exhibits at various festivals

throughout Australia.

About Kiro Kiredor